Dave Wellstone Endorses Tim!

Apr 10 2017

The Tim Walz for Governor campaign today announced that Dave Wellstone, son of the late Senator Paul Wellstone and Sheila Wellstone, has endorsed Tim’s campaign for governor.

In a statement, Dave Wellstone said:

“My parents loved this state. They dedicated much of their own lives to improving the lives of the people of Minnesota, creating more opportunity for all, and growing hope for a better future for all.

In these challenging times, too many Minnesotans feel divided, excluded, and falling behind. All of our futures depend on fixing this - to reach that day when, in the words that my Dad often spoke: ’We all do better when we all do better'.

As I have gotten to know Tim Walz over the years, I have become so convinced that he, just like my Mom and Dad, always speaks from the heart, always says what he believes, always acts on what he believes in, and will never, ever give up any fight that is worth fighting.

So, in addition to endorsing Tim, I will be actively campaigning on his behalf throughout the state, as part of what I see as a great opportunity to bring us closer - much closer - to realizing a future for Minnesota that my parents worked for, fought for, and dreamed of. I hope you will join us.”

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